Publishing rules


1 – Manuscripts should be submitted by email as a single attachment, formatted as the template, to the following email:

2 – The temple can be downloaded either for Arabic version: or the other version from the review website:

3 – The article should be written in the Word Microsoft RTF (fonts: Times New Roman,13 pts, whether in Arabic language or foreign language, title should be bolded). The article should not exceed 16 pages, standard A4 (21x29.7), including references, tables, figures…etc

4 – Pages should be in the ordinary classification margins, top and bottom 2.54 cm, right 2.6 cm, left 1.5cm and spacing 0.88 cm.

5 – The Arabic and French titles must be translated to English.

6 – Abstracts of no more than 10 lines with keywords of 07 words maximum and JEL classification codes, (, are required for all articles. The Arabic and English written articles must have two abstract in Arabic and English languages. For the French written articles the abstract must be in French, Arabic and English.

7 – The authors should respect the Basic Punctuation Spacing Rules When Typing the article.

8 – It is preferred that the submitted article would be conducted in IMRAD style including (introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusion, appendices and references), For more detailed information, please visit the links below:

9 – To get a help in the scientific redaction of the article, you can download: The Scientific Article Writing Style according to IMRAD from this web site:

10 – About the author, in Arabic and English, should be accompanied with submitted article including the author (s) name, email, the university or entity which he (they) belongs and the laboratory name (if it does exist). If the article is presented by a group of researchers, each researcher should send an approval of the collective publication through his personal email.

11 – References and referrals should be in the end of the article, numbered sequentially according to its appearances in the article.

12 – References should be presented as follow:

-      For books: Editor Name, Book Title, publisher, place and year of publishing and number of pages.

-      For the journals: Editor Name, article title, number, place and year of publishing, number of pages.

-      For the web site: Editor Name, article title, visiting date, the electronic web site (including the file).

13 – The review is not obliged to return non accepted articles.

14 – The editor-in-chief reserve the right to modify accepted manuscripts that do not conform to scientific, technical, stylistic or grammatical standards, without affecting its content.

15 – The opinions expressed in the Journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of neither the Journal nor the Ouargla University.

16 – Contact Mail